Multiple Sclerosis brain lesions from an MRI


had some
left over
made them
into one
called it
MS and
than gave
IT to me"
Richard Pryor

The Beast better known as multiple sclerosis,a disorder of the central nervous system(brain&spinal cord) involving decreased nerve function associated with the formation of scars on the covering of nerve cells.Multiple sclerosis affects approximately 1 out 1,600 people.There is no known cure for multiple sclerosis.Treatment is aimed at controlling symptoms and maintaining function to give the maximum quality of life.

This madness started on Feb 19,2000 for me.There was a tingling sensation in my rear end.That was annoying the hell out of me.I thought maybe it was time to "chill" off the computer,sitting down to much.The tingling lasted for three days than disappeared.In its place came an excruciating back pain,like someone sucker kicked me or something when I wasn't looking.Since I was late for class(photography major)I shrugged it off and kept on keepin on.A week later I noticed I was dropping lil things,like my comb,bar of soap,deodarant flying across the room.Couldn't wash dishes because my right hand felt "weird",thats how I would describe it especially if you never experienced it before.This constant tingling and numbness lasted for a few weeks.Which was kinda disturbing since I was taking a Color Photography and in the darkroom you have to put the emossion side up before you put it in the processor and that requires feeling the paper.Got so bad I was feeling the paper with my face,hey that Kodak stuff cost \\$50.00 a pop!The tingling wasn't satisfied in my hand and fingers it had to venture up and down the trunks of my legs and down my neck.L'hermittes sign which is basically the feeling of electric currents running up and down your spine every time you flex your neck.Like I said previously "weird",like your body has a mind of its own and decided that it's gonna do it's own thing from here on.Doctors don't help much either,I dunno if its because you don't "look" like your in pain.But between drink more water,more vitamins and more exercise c'mon DOC'S,I think we know our own body.I finally went to a neurologist about two months after this started.And I can tell you,some neurologist are not much better than the general practioner.How many times do you need to tell them where the tingling is??And its not like the tingling and numbness just STAY in one area.Sometime tingles get bored too,and venture to different parts of the body to explore.I felt like I was on the X-Files when I talked to the first neurologist.I did the series of stick pins and hit your bones test and those came back normal.So now he's getting frustrated and sends me off to get an MRI.It took about a month to get my MRI done because during this course I thought I was suffering from a BAD case of acid reflux,which ended up being dx in the middle of May as an peptic ulcer!!That diagnosis took dam near six months mind you.I was put on tagamet for almost two months and I don't "tingle" all day like I use to.It comes and goes when it pleases,I told you tingling does what it wants to do.I finally got the MRI done towards the end of June and was told that I had a lesion on my spine and on the white brain matter.Possible Multiple Sclerosis...ARGH!!


And I did that quite well mind you,I didn't know what to think.Doctor wants to do a spinal tap to rule out Lyme disease since I did get bite by a tick in 1988 when I was in the U.S Army but because the fourth of July weekend was upon us,the neurologist wouldn't be able to see me til the end of the month.What the @$^#*#@#,first they scare you to death by calling you on the phone in the evening.Right there you know thats a "bad" sign straight out of a dam horror movie or something.Now I am sitting home alone with this news,I stayed on the phone with a close friend of mine late that night.And finally asked to come over at two in the morning.I was so scared to fall asleep,I thought I might get up paralayzed or not at all.But within the last three weeks before the dx this how paranoid I was getting.Basically tripping,which you do when you don't know what the hell is wrong with you and the doctor thinks your a hydrochondriac.I must have seen my doctor at least a dozen times when this all started in February.Actually at my last visit my doctor gave a 21 day prescription of Zoloft for panic disorder.Why do they do that??? Doctors make you think your not wrapped too tight upstairs.I took up to four days before I got that dreaded call,I had stopped because on the way to the store I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience and people around me was moving in S L O W motion.Anyways,at least I know what might be wrong with me and I am NOT crazy.I have been exercising every other day with an instructional tape "Karate" by Fumio Demura.I studied Tae-Kwon-Do for two years in 1992 and have a red belt.When I relocate back to New York City later this year.I will be joining a studio,I have one of those silly puddy type baseballs that I squeeze daily(helps when your fingers start feeling funny)very good for finger/hand strength.I am sucking up on vitamin C,E 400 I.U.,multivitamins,Pycnogenol and pretty sure I will be on some type of medication.I hope to have a good neurologist in N.Y.C since I live in Northern Va and it seems all the best docs are home in N.Y.C.
I will continue my photography/cinema studies in N.Y.C in the spring 2001.I put Montel Williams on my page because he has Multiple Sclerosis also.When he first went public with the disease.I believe I saw him on "The View" and Montel broke down in tears,I got a chance to be in the audience of the Montel Williams show back in 1993.He's a big guy,ex-marine and he reminded me so much of my drill sergeant when I was in basic training.Gung Ho and taking no B.S!!When stuff like this hits you,its like being slapped in the face and slap stings like you don't know what.But because of motivation,we keep moving on cause not even this beast can hold us down.Its Time We All Come Together To KICK MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.We can send men to the moon and uncover the pattern for human DNA but we can't find a cure for all these diseases? Don't buy that load of crap,I think the drug companies have made ENOUGH money on all diseases!!!!
Site Diagnosis : 7/01/00

I went to a Multiple Sclerosis specialist on July 10,2000.He's pretty certain that is M.S so on July 12,2000 I go into the hospital to get steroid IV for five days (watch out Chyna from World Wrestling Federation) and than get put on Avonex.Since I was pretty sure I had M.S two weeks ago,I have done all the ramping,raving,crying,and the why me? This disease might hang out with me but it WILL NOT take me down.All of us that suffer from this disease we can get through this together.I'm 34 and this was my birthday present,I might not be able to give it back but its gonna wish it never picked me.This disease can strike anyone not only women,not only caucasions.I am a 35 year old black/caribbean female so this disease is an equal opportunity butt kicker.

JULY 23,2000

My family gave me a present after I got out of the hospital from the steroid IV and taking my first dose of Avonex.One ticket to the WNBA game of the New York Liberty vs the Houston Comets.Why "one" ticket??To get rid of the fear of being out and about alone,I LOVE the New York Liberty basketball team and would get to a game in a gerney if I had to.It was the best game I have been to since the WNBA formed almost four years ago.Not only did I hang out in Manhattan all day but New York Liberty beat Houston 69-64 and regained their FIRST place status in the Eastern Conference WOO HOO!!!

On August 4,2000 I moved back to N.Y.C to finish up my photography/cinema studies degree.Its too late for me to register for the fall semester.So I will be taking this semester off and working on my photography assignment "Writings On The Wall" you can take a sneak peek of my work on my photography site.My work will also be in the Serbin Communications "Best of Photography Annual 2000" which comes out in hardcover in December.27,000 entries are entered each year and the publisher's pick the top 5% to display in their book,look for it in December 2000.There is a life to live make sure you make the best of it.

There is a life besides M.S!!!!!!!

Comedian Richard Pryor who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1986.Alarmed by Richard's failing vision and balance,his physician Dr.J Perry finally persuaded him to get test done."I didn't know what MS was so I didn't get panicky" Pryor said of the diagnosis."Then I came back home and turned on the TV.They had a show on about it.They showed a woman in a wheelchair,and I went into quick denial.But you can deny all you want,and you still keep fallin down." excerpt from is frailty and occasional struggle for balance he returned to live performing in 1992 at the comedy store in West Hollywood.Still making jokes about himself and his afflictions and demonstrating that he is a survivor and living proof that laughter indeed is the best medicine.
Richard Pryor receives the MTV Film's Lifetime Achievement Award in Hollywood
August 10,2000.


April 22,2001
I walked 7.5 miles in the New York City Multiple Sclerosis Walk
I walked for myself and all other MS'ers who can't.
Start time 11:00-1:25
Pledged $200.00



Coming out and helping to find a cure!!
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